Monday, December 24, 2018


The Voice of the Cult 30 Years Heavy
Pure Steel Records
release date: October 26th 2018
(original release: 1988)
Side A
1. The Voice Of The Cult
2. Live Hard
3. Chains Of Love
4. Share Yourself With Me
5. Fortune Teller
6. The Voice Of The Cult (Instrumental, Bonustrack)
Side B
7. Child Of Evermore
8. Soldiers Of The Flame
9. Evil For Evil
10. Take Me Home
11. Evil For Evil (Instrumental, Bonustrack)
Leather Leone: vocals
David T. Chastain: guitars
Mike Skimmerhorn: bass, backing vocals
Ken Mary: drums
In 2018 Pure Steel Records issued a new version of the 1988 album The Voice of the Cult by traditional heavy metal underground band Chastain. This gem features the shredding talents of the wizard David T. Chastain, the iron lungs of Leather Leone, with the hard-hitting drumming of the talented Ken Mary, and on bass Mr. Chastain’s reliable partner in crime throughout the 1980s Mike Skimmerhorn.
One of the running themes in the music of David T. Chastain is that he plays for only fans of serious guitar. Mr. Chastain has dedicated his life to the guitar. When he joined with the singer Leather Leone the magic began. Leather has a voice that sounds like only Leather can. Strong and powerful, muscular and gritty, the singing is done with horsepower and if you want to sing along, you most definitely are welcome to do it.
Anyway, the album is considered a cult favorite for fans of U.S. metal and it is because it has stood the test of time well. If you have never heard Chastain, this album is a great place to start.

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