Wednesday, November 21, 2018

the return of Blood and Thunder (by MMB)

The bearland lords Blood and Thunder have now added a new chapter to their magnificent book of sagas. For those who have not heard the tidings, the bearland lords dwell in the hidden houses high in the treetops of the faraway lands of Arlington, and are rumored to possess the secret powers to transform into eagles, bears and squirrels. In countless battles in the course of many years, fighting against the armies of hipster confusion of the Northwestern realms, sometimes bruised, often fatigued, but never surrendered nor defeated, the forest lords have The Necromancer's Cantos as the new chapter in the sagas of their mighty steel. Confronted with the arduous challenge of trailing a new road to hail the masses on the other side of the woods of apathy and ignorance, these shapeshifting lords of the smelting furnaces have devised a new vision for the eyes of the people of the sword.
The new vision is named “The Deadly One” and it is now obtainable at the mercantile station YouTube. The people of the sword shall not find a better illustration of the sorcery at the hands of Blood and Thunder in the year 2018.
Better yet, procure the entire new chapter at the link below and inquire into the melodic death metal of Blood and Thunder. Hail, hail, Blood and Thunder, conquer the armies of Northwestern hipster confusion!
Blood And Thunder "The Deadly One" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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