Thursday, August 9, 2018

Eskhaton (review by MMB)

release date: June 20th, 2018
label: Lavadome Productions
While some people go around talking about how variety is the spice of life and how combining genres is cool and everybody’s happy crazy go lucky snappy in the brave new world of no-genre multi-genre hodgepodge, Eskhaton chooses a much more focused approach with a single-mindedness of purpose that is attractive and the sound to match the mission chosen.
Brutal religious practices, a state of war and conflict, violence as a way of life and humanity preying on humanity are the norm in this barbarian realm. Therefore, in this perspective, the music should be as heinous as the murderous methods employed by the ruling classes to oppress and humiliate throughout history.
In the alleyways and dark corners where this music lurks what matters is maximum aural frenetic intensity harnessed for the objective of high-speed chaotic songs that take sounds to the very edge allowed by the limits of having a human, mortal body. There’s no two ways about it: this will sound like a complete warp-speed blur on the first couple of listens. This band wants that. They need it. It is only after the mind grasps on to something—a whammy bar sound, a guitar lick, a riff, a drumming pattern, anything!—that you can hope to enter this otherwise impenetrable fortress.
Polishing up and sanitizing the recording to make it as clean as possible to achieve a computerized and robotized work is the antithesis of this album.
Cavernous growling.
Blasting overwhelming.
This barbaric bestial, this death metal!

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