Sunday, July 8, 2018

NEWS: Significant Point Issues 2018 EP through Infernö Records

Earlier in 2018 the Japanese rising force of speeding shredding heavy metal Significant Point issued a new EP called Attacker. This band is exclusively interested in playing loud, fast songs with big riffs and gigantic guitar solos. What they have in mind is fast, classic, traditional metal that is in the zone of heavy metal/thrash/power/speed metal. Judging by the two songs on the EP, they are very good at their craft! They are as good as you would hope that they are and they are way better that you thought they might be.
We have one question for Significant Point and Infernö Records: When is the full-length studio album coming out, friends666?!!!
"We're THRILLED to announce the new band to join the INFERNO RECORDS roster .. They're coming from Japan, they're named SIGNIFICANT POINT and play incredible Traditional HEAVY METAL in the veins of Loudness, Accept, MSG, Iron Maiden, Saxon... We believe this band has a huge potentiel & we're sure you'll be amazed when discovering the first 7"EP "Attacker" to be out March 15th 2018 ! In spite of their young ages, the musicians have alot of experience & deliver hi-class HEAVY METAL ! This EP is made of AMAZING vocals, incredible guitar parts & neckbreaking rhythmicals!! "Attacker" EP will be released to 500 copies, 100 as BLUE wax, 400 as BLACK wax! We encourage everyone into HEAVY METAL to pre-order as we're confident this is gonna sell fast & well! Don't be late!!

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