Friday, July 13, 2018

NEWS: Seattle's DISEASE Demo

This is one for total grind fanatics. This Seattle duo of guitar and drums takes less than 12 minutes to blaze through 20 tracks. They waste as little time as possible and must be one of the most compact and efficient grind bands that you will hear. Those grind fans looking for an all-business, no-experimentation delivery of blasting track after blasting track should be more than pleased to discover that this band specializes in exactly that.
Disease is calling you home, grind freaks!
Demo 2017
Release date: May 10th, 2017
label: Nihilistic Despair Records
01. Acid To Acid, Dust To Dust 02.Hacksaw Butchery 03.Extermination Of 3rd Avenue Scum 04.Botched Entombment 05. Caspers Curb Stomp 06.Chainsaw Aftermath Cleanup 07.F.N.F.L. 08.Sharon Tate Aesthetic 09.T-Boned By A Bike 10.Dolled Up For The Grave 11.Junkie Dump 12.Privileged Death Metal Nazi Poser 13.Mass Incarceration For The Sole Purpose Of Dehumanization 14.Drive-By's With Pizza HiFive 15.Squatter Water 16.Death By Dust Off 17.Lung Worm Infestation 18.Ravenous Human Meat Consumption (A Part Of Me) 19.Cut With Mickey D's Toilet Water 20.Arachnid Burial Partner
total time 11:50

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