Saturday, April 14, 2018

Saturday April 14th in Everett: Noceur, Plague Bearer, Religicide, Necrosomnium at Obscurus

Saturday April 14th in Everett: Noceur, Plague Bearer, Religicide, Necrosomnium at Obscurus
Religicide (Washington state, USA) is violent and angry groove metal of chugging brutality. They are probably fueled by hatred of the human race, their neighbors and people who do not drink whiskey. We have been living under a rock, apparently, because we are just starting to get into this music. They already have a recording that you can exploit at Bandcamp. Peace and love is possible, happiness and tolerance are wonderful human goals, but all of that stuff is not possible in the world of Religicide. Here comes the pain.
release date: February 22nd, 2017
1.TKO 03:31
2.Murderous Intent 03:24
3.Backstab in Progress 04:17
total time 11:12
Biography: Religicide is a four piece metal act that is comprised of experienced musicians that have performanced and produced records for multiple acts over the the course of the last fifteen years. Some acts include: Wohrbohr, Dilapidation, Omega Dawn, Nakavalna (FL), and Sense of Being (FL) Pain Syndicate.
Religicide has been writing music since 2015 and has spent many months crafting and perfecting what is a brutal and heavy sound that will leave the listener wanting to leave a path of blood in their wake. The sound takes its influence from several 80s / 90s Thrash and Groove based acts including but not limited to:Old Sepultura, Crowbar, Fear Factory, Black Sabbath and more.
Religicide's core goal is to play as many shows as they can while producing and putting out records that reflect the groups vision of quality heavy music. If you are interested in booking Religicide, send us a message via facebook or e-mail us at
Necrosomnium is black metal from the city of Bellingham, some two hours north of Seattle. They do not like to post much about themselves online and from the looks of it, they are not much interested in social media celebrity status, but they are on Facebook and you can find out a bit of information there. In addition, you can hear their debut album on Bandcamp. Actually, come to think of it, you don’t need much else if you are interested in banging your head. Black metal supporters will appreciate this band.
The Long Forgotten Angel
release date: December 4th, 2017
label: independent
1.Bringer of Death 06:24
2.Touch of Fire 07:54
3.Horns of War 08:34
4.Unholy Reckoning 06:26
5.Prophecy of Damnation 05:41
6.The Long Forgotten Angel 09:39
total time 44:38
Noceur is experimental black metal from Bellingham, Washington state. In the recent period they have been rocking the western side of Washington up and down the line. If you want to catch the chaos and you live in western Washington, you probably already had several chances. If you have not seen them, then there is a good possibility they will be near you again. The music can go from black metal to the outer edges of the genre and then some. At times the music sounds intelligible and for banging your head, and at other times it seems like only the mystic nihilistic elders of the industrial forests of green and grey of the mountains of the city valley countryside matrix might have the secrets of Noceur. You can rock out, you can be confused, but it’s ok because Noceur is here to make sense of it all. Maybe.
On Earth full-length 2015
Apocrypha Condemno full-length 2017
Oprichniki EP 2018
This is the latest experiment:
Release date: March 7th, 2018
1.Falling of the Axioms-Breaking of the Fasces 10:23
2.Oprichniki (counter-sedition) 04:29
3.Intermission (narkosis contra-sedation) 01:46
4.Yaldboath 02:28
5.Appendix: Emerging Order of Inverted Totality 05:34
total time 24:40

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