Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Odyssian will play in Everett, WA on April 20th

APR 20 Blood and Thunder / Dilapidation / Violent Hallucinations / Odyssian
at Obscurus 2622 center road, Everett, Washington 98204
Odyssian’s name has been showing up in this publication’s concert calendar for some time now. It looks like they are not yet on Metal Archives, but they already have a history on Bandcamp. They did two demos in 2015, but their best work so far is called Olde and it is their full-length debut album from 2017. The music is melodic extreme metal with progressive and melodic death metal functioning as a general framework for the sound. They have the blasting and intense moments, and they also make sure to keep the melodic guitar components present throughout. One thing to note, though, is that they do like to have variety in their sound. The songs, while sharing some general stylistic underpinnings, carry forth different moods that you sense while listening to the eight songs of the album. Of course, this variety is no accident, given that the band prides itself in changing things up with the music that they write.

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