Thursday, April 19, 2018

April 20th in Seattle: Ghostblood Album Release Barf-Stravaganza at the Central Saloon Featuring: Xoth, Ghostblood, Oxygen Destroyer, and Kömmand

Seattle's extreme metal ravenous mutant cannibal ghosts of yesteryear today Ghostblood will release a new album of music that they play live with their own instruments for the humans interested in gore swamp comedy thrash death banging metal. In addition, they will play their music with just as much enthusiasm for those humans who happen to be present there by accident or by sandwiches.
Ghostblood's new album is called Honey, I Raised the Dead. Thrashers of Seattle will get a chance to hear the new music on Friday, April 20th.
The band, out of kindness and monetary necessity, is already streaming two new songs at the first link below. At the second link below you will find out the gory details of their show in Seattle.
Cancel your plans, Seattle! Your Friday night is now take up with a heavy metal concert!

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