Thursday, March 15, 2018

Washington quick news: ReEvolution

Friends into melodic extreme metal from Washington state,

ReEvolution is a relatively new band in Washington state, having formed in 2016, according to their official information. However, as new as they are, they already have a debut EP out and it is called Misery in Memories. They are melodic extreme metal with growled vocals, grooving drums and they definitely focus on keep the rhythms on the guitar strong by way of heavy chugging. The EP is four songs and would be recommended for supporters into the varieties of these sounds: from melodic death metal and to metalcore and other similar styles, whether it's a bit more European or American, depending on your preferences. In this case, the sound leans more in the direction of melodic death metal, but with American groove features. If you have not heard the band yet, visit their page and learn more about them. They also have some shows coming up in Arlington, but will probably add more shows as the summer gets closer.

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