Monday, March 5, 2018

bad news from Everett's Obscurus

Below is the statement from Dave in Everett announcing the end of Obscurus

***Obscurus will be closing in June***
***Please do not send donations***
After five and a half years of work, being 20% of my life's focus Obscurus is finally almost made it where I wanted it, with an improved layout, DJ booth and more lights. This will be the 3rd killer season I’ve been privileged to host here so it comes with some sadness that this will be the shortest, Obscurus will be closing permanently sometime by mid June.  

The core of the decision is that I can’t go into negotiations for my future when I have commitments and people relying on myself or this building. This is financially unsolvable so please do not donate unless you wish to in person on 3-31 at the opening show, that money would help pay for the honeybucket, I’ll pay whatever the cost leftover myself for anything I’ve racked up. 

We have about 12 shows scheduled between March 31st and May 12th with openings in May and the first half of June that are available for dark shows. If anyone wants to put a lineup together: email 

We really hope that you’ll all try to join us in going out with style during any of these upcoming shows which will be the best ones we’ll probably have ever done! Please help spread the word to everyone to check this out while you can, this is by far my most positive contribution I've ever made to pretty much anything in my life and I hope some inspired people will feel this might be the right project for them.  

Proper thanks, shout outs and advise will come later down the line, but in short, thank you all for your kindness, patience, support and the opportunity to try something as massive, public and scary as this was. I’m seriously a humble, inexperienced, uneducated nobody who’s traveled a long road of hard lessons and failures to be the person you’ve met over these last few years. You are the only reasons I won’t regret doing this, I definitely wouldn’t have done it if I thought it would end this suddenly or have been this addicting and exhausting.  


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