Monday, February 19, 2018

a podcast from the state of Washington: Zett's Unsilent Storms

The big and powerful Kömmander Z, who is responsible for many things happening is his own life and in the life of others, has a new metal music podcast episode.

Below are the official words in conjunction to the new podcast. Read them if you understand them and if you don't understand them, then you don't understand them, and just go the link and check out the music.

"(Kömmander Z here) I don't normally like to "cross-pollinate" my various and sundry metal-divertissements, but I figured this may be of interest as it features Carnage and Exhumer sitting in. All of Kömmand present and accounted for! Non-existent-budget sharing and promotion of music that doesn't suck eggs is the middle name of the game. Can-I-getta Hey!??!? Fun fact: This was recorded mere hours before our Jan. 6th show in Bellingham."

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