Monday, January 22, 2018

The Everett venue Obscurus needs metal bands

Here is the announcement from Obscurus in Everett.
Hey, I'm looking for some Black and Death Metal bands to complete a few badass 5/6 act Saturday Metal shows. Do I have any bands on here I haven't connected with yet?
What I need:
3 Raw, Grim, Extreme Black Metal bands for April 14th!
3 Atmospheric, Depressive, or Cascadian Black Metal bands for May 5th!
3 Brutal, Fast, Extreme Death Metal Bands for May 12th!
I'm also looking at planning a preferably big Grind blowout in June. I saw Pretty Little Flower and Warfare about 12 years ago do this awesome vs set back and forth because they didn't know if the cops were going to come shut the place down and I'd really like to see a show with some or all of the bands dueling it out like that. Idea, not required.
Hit me up at
Share this, tag people, I need some help!

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