Friday, January 5, 2018

Images of Eden issues a new official video

Melodic metal band Images of Eden (U.S.) has some new music for the world in the form a new official video. See the official information below.
Phoenix, Arizona – 1/5/2018 – Today, Images of Eden releases their first single/ music video, “Shield Me” as an unsigned band while they shop record labels for a 2018 release of their full length CD, titled “Soulrise”, which was just recently completed in December, 2017. The album was mixed and mastered by the legendary Bill Metoyer at Skull-Seven Studios in Hollywood, CA and is ready for pressing.
The single for “Shield Me” is available at all digital media outlets (iTunes, Amazon, etc).
We want to personally thank all of the amazing actors and production crew involved with the production of our music video who helped us bring this very personal vision to life. We could not have done this without you:
Actors: Anna Harr, Shelly Boucher, Kane Black, William Bill Connor, Rob Edwards, Jackie Marin, William Kenny, Madison Hubler Production Crew: Steve Dorssom (Director & Producer), Christopher Sheffield (Director of Photography & Editor), Julian Lee Wynne (Camera Operator), Steve Wargo Dp of SwatHD (and all of his crew), our behind the scenes camera crew (Daniel McKernan and Ed Russell), Stephanie Sheffield (interviewer, production, etc). Major thanks to Bobby Chavez, Jonathan Gabriel Jr., Keith Heaney and Chelsea Wrathchild of the band, DemiAura, for helping us out with equipment & audio gear. Brandon Dorssom (lights/ production), Dania Blanco (hair/ makeup), M Kawika Banis (special effects), Phil Bradstock at the Phoenix Film Office, Toby Ehrler at the Phoenix Police Dept., Jeff Becker & staff at ReelMen Studios, Joseph Mbah (Gaffer), Jeff Dykes & Rich Dressman at Graybar Electric, Michael Ebner (for allowing us to film at his house), Glen Wacker (AZ Movie Props), Also, special thanks also to Brian Whitcell for his studio engineering contributions!
Images of Eden- "Shield Me" (Official Video)

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