Tuesday, January 9, 2018

ANUBIS GATE Release Full Video for Their Track "Black."

[Critically-acclaimed Danish progressive metallers Anubis Gate have a new video for a track from the album Covered in Black. Learn more about the album and watch the video below.]
DESCRIPTION OF VIDEO: A young lady roams the night, seeking quick comfort and momentary acceptance. As the nights continue the woman she was... slowly withers away.
Assistent: Kasper Blomgren Jørgensen
Makeup / Styling: Julie Petersen Lund
Lead Actress: Sascha Fuglsang
"This is a sad real life story about a young girl, whose life was almost ruined by bullying. The lyrics are inspired by letters she wrote me regarding her life, when she was growing up. It saddened me deeply and inspired me to tell her story to the world". HF
WHERE SHOT On location in Fredericia and Kolding Denmark.
WATCH the "Black" Video below.
With six highly acclaimed albums, what can be said about a seventh album? It would be easy to say the following: It is our most mature album. Or how about this: We built on everything that came before it and added new twists and turns. Or this is our most accessible album perhaps.
But that wouldn't be quite true. In fact it might even be quite untrue. Except for the part about building on past experiences, since everybody does that.
What would have been mature was to make an album resembling our previous album "Horizons", going with the beautiful feel-good vibe of that album (though its topics were not all that feel-good)
Instead, the writing of this album simply did not go in that direction. While Covered In Black is a highly melodic affair, it is also challenging in a way none of our previous albums are. Dealing with, and dedicated to, people in dark places, this albums has a darker and more complex edge to it. Allowing ourselves to dig deeper into our collective pool of musical experiences and knowledge, the inspirations come from far across the spectrum. Ranging from classical chamber music, seventies prog and extending to thrash, with very eastern influences popping up,this is an album that is best heard as one piece, even if the individual tracks can stand on their own. Since we've come this far we also allowed ourselves that freedom.
Is it a concept album? No. But it is a theme album. About people in dark places. From psychopaths, assassins to the more modern topics of being at the receiving end of what is bad about social media. Topics of lifelong failure and revenge are touched upon. The ten-song-long album has two suites, both consisting of three songs. One has the songs spread here and there on the album, while the other is connected as one long piece if you wish to listen to it that way. Wonderfully old-fashioned and just the way we like it. And it is, we feel, simply the best album we've ever done.
The album is produced by Kim Olesen and Jacob Hansen as per good tradition.
Henrik Fevre
Kim Olesen
Michael Bodin
Morten Gade Sørensen
ANUBIS GATE - Black ( Official Video) Nightmare Records

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