Thursday, December 14, 2017

the music for peace in the Middle East: Orphaned Land

[by MMB]
Orphaned Land
Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs
Century Media Records
26 January 2018
Orphaned Land keeps changing and they keep doing what they have done, but a bit differently each time, and their hope must be that people don’t get too caught up with one particular style or genre because if they do, this band will keep disappointing each time.
The new work finds them taking their Middle Eastern progressive rock further into uncharted territories in terms of accessibility and simpler song structures. It has taken decades for them to get to this point. They have often taken the long and winding road to making songs, but as they have gotten older and gained more experience about what works and what doesn’t, they have embraced a more intelligible and palatable approach to the music. As a result, the band no longer uses much of extreme metal traits like excessive heaviness and lots of growling. The music is lighter, simpler, catchier and more open to audiences than extreme metal, while still sounding like Orphaned Land music: thoughtful, engaging and dedicated to spreading the message of peace in the world, especially in the war-torn region where they live.
Overall, the songs feature a singing style closer to a melancholic voice, quite different from the usual rock and metal roaring singing and energy. Here the mood is peaceful but with a sense of sadness or quiet desperation in the voice. On the other hand, the instrumentation can often come across as cheerful or uplifting, and coupled with the symphonic/orchestral elements, the sound is mostly upbeat and friendly to the ears looking for melody.

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