Saturday, December 16, 2017

Seattle metal: Rhine

Rhine is maverick metal from Seattle. The four mavericks are: Gabriel The Gambler Tachell on vocals and guitars, and The Gambler has hitched his wagon to the vicissitudes accompanying Alex The Dealer Smolin on the guitar, Carlos The Joker Delgado on the obligations of the drums, and James The Smoker Porter on the bass duties. Rhine invites you to the table for some rounds of games of cards played in the style of the Wild West, away from the authorities and the metal music police who dictate the standards and the rules. Join them if you dare to travel where the next morning you will remember the strange and wild sounds of mavericks on the loose running away from the law. These are the high sierra bandidos, but you can call them amigos.
They have new music in 2017.

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