Saturday, December 16, 2017

Seattle metal: the black metal of Necrosomnium

Necrosomnium is black metal from the city of Bellingham, which is located a couple of hours north of Seattle. This December of 2017 Necrosomnium released its debut full-length album called The Long Forgotten Angel, a work of traditional black metal that lives up to the name of the band. The album is available for free/name your price at the first link below and is recommended for dedicated supporters of traditional black metal and raw extreme metal in general.
1.Bringer of Death 06:24
2.Touch of Fire 07:54
3.Horns of War 08:34
4.Unholy Reckoning 06:26
5.Prophecy of Damnation 05:41
6.The Long Forgotten Angel 09:39
total time 44:38

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