Wednesday, December 13, 2017

review: Lady Beast

[review by MMB]
Lady Beast
Vicious Breed
label: Cruz Del Sur Music
release date: 17 November 2017
Lady Beast is traditional heavy metal from the United States, and more specifically, they play the young heavy metal sound of the genre’s birth. The album is some 36 minutes; eight songs. My impression of the album is that the band believes in playing the music in an honest way. The album sounds like they want to be able to play live what they play on the album. For instance, I hear the singer do the songs as best as possible, but without employing a bunch of effects. It’s a different experience when you listen to Lady Beast: there is a transparency in the singing that you won’t easily find anywhere else. All I hear is the singer doing the work honestly. I also have watched concert videos and it seems like the songs sound similar live and in the studio. This also applies to the instrumentation. They have twin guitars, but on the album one can tell what is going on and what’s being played, and then in the concert videos the music comes across well, reflecting the work ethic of the band. This new album sounds like the band decided to be efficient and effective. Do what you came to do, and then end the album. Don’t overstay your welcome. The people want heavy metal from Lady Beast, give the people the heavy metal, and then leave, knowing that they will come back for more. People familiar with the band will love the new album’s traditional sounds in the style of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, as you would hear with the young Saxon or Holocaust, but now it is Lady Beast’s turn to convince the masses. In other words, big riffs, to the point guitars, fast paced heavy metal for headbanging, solos to do air guitar and a singer who wants you to join the crusade of the young heavy metal that never, ever dies.
Lady Beast (Official) "Vicious Breed"

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