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Amaseffer is a prog band from Israel that in 2016 worked with fellow compatriots Orphaned Land on a collaboration album named Kna'an. Find out more about them below.
Biography: Amaseffer is an Israeli progressive metal band which was formed in 2004 in Tel Aviv, Israel by drummer and percussionist Erez Yohanan, and guitarist Yuval Kramer. A year later, a second guitarist Hanan Avramovich joined and the band got its structure. This is also when the band got its name "Amaseffer" - from Hebrew "Am Ha'Sefer" (עם הספר) - People of the (holy) book; a name from the Old Testament for the Israelites and later for the Jewish People. The band's music genre is considered progressive metal, but it contains a mixture of rock, metal, world music and Middle Eastern touches.
Orphaned Land / Amaseffer
Type: Collaboration
Release date: August 28th, 2016
Label: Century Media Records
Metal Archives describes the album, in part, as: "In the end, this record is first of all the soundtrack for a theater play about Abraham's journey to Canaan and it serves its purpose by building up an epic atmosphere somewhere between neofolk, new age and classical music. Especially the last tracks including the heavier and dramatic ''Akeda'', the melancholic and mysterious ''Fruits from Different Trees - Ishma'el and Itzhak'' and the harmonious and reconciliatory closer ''Prisoners of the Past'' where all vocalists harmonize perfectly are great compositions that develop a majestic atmosphere. While the instrumental level is diversified yet distinct and never overwhelming, the vocal parts sound a little bit too forced in the more vivid passages throughout the record. What we get is an entertaining soundtrack that will open up to those interested in the concept itself and not necessarily in the original bands. Those who are expecting heavier sounds and more progressive song structures as on the band's regular outputs might be disappointed."
1. The Holy Land of Kna'an 01:52
2. The Angel of the Lord 03:34
3. Naked - Sarah and Abraham 02:14
4. The Burning Garden - Sarah and Hagar 03:34
5. Naked - Abraham 04:40
6. A Tree Without No Fruit - Sarah 02:35
7. There Is No God for Ishma'el 03:14
8. The Vision 02:26
9. A Dove Without Her Wings - Hagar 01:41
10. The Loneliness of Itzhak 01:03
11. Akeda 04:48
12. Fruits from Different Trees - Ishma'el and Itzhak 04:09
13. Prisoners of the Past 02:36
total time 38:26
Orphaned Land & Amaseffer: Angel of the Lord

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