Friday, November 3, 2017

Thy Worshiper

by MMB
Thy Worshiper
release date: May 25th, 2016
label: Arachnophobia Records
1.Gorzkie żale 08:30
2.Wila 04:47
3.Marzanna 06:07
4.Halny 06:43
5.Post Coitum 02:25
6.Wschody 10:46
total time 39:18
Disc 2
1.Zioła 07:21
2.Słońce 05:08
3.Grzyby 06:30
4.Dziady 11:01
5.Żywot 02:16
6.Anielski orszak 08:12
total time 40:28
The gills of this band are unbelievable. Every time I listened to the album it felt like a journey into Thy Worshiper’s methods of madness. For some reason, I realized that I did not know how long the album is. I had been listening without paying attention to the playing time. Then I looked. One hour and 20 minutes. Well, no wonder it feels like a journey.
Thy Worshiper is fiercely peculiar in its delivery of the avantgarde. As far as I can tell, this is the way that Thy Worshiper has done things since the debut album in 1996. Perhaps this way of making music seems to the band like normal, but this is anything but routine. While it is accurate that the music is not experimental in the sense of improvised noise making, and there is a clear foundation in extreme metal in general, Thy Worshiper is still music for diehard adventurous souls. To top it all, this must be the band’s magnum opus, its grandest and proudest achievement.
My personal impression is that there is a big percussion-centered vibe to the album, a pagan-tribal feel, and when you add that to the vocals (desperate, ghostly, gothic, funeral singing, contrasted with growling), the music is something like pagan avantgarde, without necessarily being able to provide a dictionary definition of what exactly the terms pagan avantgarde mean.
In my opinion, the band has crafted a far-reaching work. Therefore, be confident that they have the knowledge to do this type of music. If they have spent lots of energy making such an album, it’s only fair to underline that the listener has to commit to Thy Worshiper. It is not likely that there will be a hit song that will jump out. It’s not casual metal, but after a few listens the songs will make more sense, and that’s when it’s easier to hear the melodies, and the overall atmosphere of the album. The extreme metal and the avantgarde, the strange and the heavy, and the left-field melodies, are not easy listening when Thy Worshiper puts it all together, but I find that the disparate pieces become a full picture with repeated listens. If the band has done all this hard work to make the album an adventure, as opposed to delivering a formulaic album, then it stands to reason that it takes effort and patience to absorb the music.
I am surprised at how enjoyable and melodic it sounds once one is more familiar with the songs.

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