Thursday, November 9, 2017

Nairobi Metal Festival is this Saturday!

The Nairobi Metal Fest 2017 takes place this Saturday with the following bands: Last Year's Tragedy (metal from Kenya), Slander (hardcore punk from Italy), In Other Climes (metal hardcore from France), Vale of Amonition (doom dark metal from Uganda), and Irony Destroyed (metalcore from Kenya).
Here is some previous information/announcements about the bands:
In the next days we are going to introduce you to all the bands who are performing at #nairobimetalfest. Let’s start with IN OTHER CLIMES from France. IN OTHER CLIMES is a metal hardcore band formed in 2004 by 5 members sharing the same goal: show to the world how they use their bestial energy to make each show a true party messiah. Being one of the most active French band, and known for their video clips, the steamroller IN OTHER CLIMES, gained a strong international fan base through the years, giving them the opportunity to tour all accross the globe (USA, Brazil, Japan, Cuba, China, SE Asia, Europe...). No matter the kind of music you listen, when the show starts, a true blast of hate and revolt comes to minds and hearts, changing the crowd and band in a one voice screaming: „One life, one change, no fucking regrets“
The second international band to introduce is Vale of Amonition from Uganda. Founded in 2009. The band's name means the same as "Valley of Ammunition" and is a home to things of a tragic persuasion. A sanctuary for warmakers, a province for mages, an abode for ancient tribal lords and their possibly doomed descendants and a whole world of creatures divine and devious. Musically influenced by Black Sabbath and Mercyful Fate but rather than remain rigid, their aim from the beginning has always been to evolve as much as they can within the heavy metal context. Therefore, "progressive" is a term of significance for them and tells of their collective spirit as musicians. Doom is their ultimate governor and the principle by which they play. We are looking forward to their first gig in Nairobi.
The next band to announce on the line up hailing from the dark creative forces of Nairobi. Irony Destroyed was formed in 2012 by Nelson “Ecclesiastes” Musyoka with three other previous members. They played and practiced some covers and recorded two tracks namely, “Think Twice, if Possible Thrice” and, “Sun as a Home” in 2013. In 2014, Nelson found the guitarist, Lenny Kiano and thus became in charge of the band and recruiting new members when Nelson left to study. Lenny and his newly formed band made their debut appearance at the March from the Underground event hosted by LYT and since then they have always been a crowd favorite in the Kenyan Metal scene. Earlier this year (10th April) they released their EP album entitled "Strife To Legacy" which was well received in the African metal scene. You can expect a heavy performance!
It’s now time to introduce a new band in town. After they sent us a demo with some raw material we couldn’t hesitate to let them warm up the festival. Here’s a little statement from Straight Line Connection what to expect: 'Formed in 2017 by 3 of us, Gun, Param and Maina. It was always my dream to have a rock band and after getting straight line connected to Param, the Drummer we just totally gelled. Param and I started off jamming on acoustic covers at his place till the third jam session when he said he wants to drum some. He got on the drums, I picked up the electric and started playing Scream which I had written a few months before. There was instant chemistry and we said screw the acoustic covers. We never looked back after that. After jamming a couple months we connected with Maina our bassist who added to and completed our songs. Our influences are Tool, RATM, ‪Animals as Leaders‬, ‪Metallica‬, ‪Megadeth‬, GnR, ‪Lamb of God‬, ‪System of a Down‬, ‪Alice in Chains‬, STP and many more. We are working on our album at the moment which will be released early to mid 2018. It will be a cauldron of energy, emotion, timelessness and we hope. The Nairobi Metal Festival will be our first major gig and we thank you and greatly look forward to it.'
Nairobi Metal Festival 2017 has 3 international bands on the line up. Slander is a young Metalpunk hardcore band hailing from Venice, Italy. If you thought that Venice, California was the only Venice that needs to be mentioned when you talk about hardcore music, now you should cope with the franticly growing scene of the original Venice City (Venezia, Italy) as well. In the last decade it delivered a bunch of renewed underground acts and has consolidated an unbelievably strong base, thanks to the cult "Venezia Hardcore Festival" that brings together thousands of HC maniacs from all over Europe. Since the beginning, back in 2014, this band has kept a strong DIY attitude and working ethic, selfproducing their own records & videos, artworks, setting up their own tours and booking local shows for dozens of bands with their own collectives (Trivel collective, Venice Hardcore Crew). They immediately started a relentless touring activity around Italy and Europe, building a solid reputation among promoters and fans with their intense and crazy live sets, alongside some of the most important punk and hardcore acts and becoming one of the most followed bands in their own country. During the last 3 years Slander has collected over 200 shows, supporting bands like Gorilla Biscuits, Descendents, Terror, Defeater, NOFX, Iron Reagan, Agnostic Front, Expire, Bane,Trash Talk just to name a few. The band is currently promoting their latest record "Bad Weather" counting multiple sold out shows around Italy and Europe, Kenya is up next! Get ready!
Last but definitely not least to announce is Last Year’s Tragedy from Nairobi. LYT ripped the belly of Kenya’s invisible metal beast and bore through to become one of the most prodigious bands in Kenya. From a group of University pals to the cutthroat thrashers known today, the group was fundamental in the setup of the Kenya Rock Scene. And then... they were gone. Or so it seemed. They return with brand new, throat grabbing, eyes-rolled-to-the-back-of-the-head music from their imminent album, Amongst Lions. With nothing but love through heartbreak, faith through despair, mallets through obstacles and fists through fear in their music, the band is set to grip you where it burns sweetly. Get ready.
After we announced all the bands the last couple of days it’s now time to mention another highlight on this festival, Dj Tumz. Popularly known by his alias ‘The Rock Doctor’. DJ Tumz has been a huge influence in the growth of rock and metal music popularity in East Africa and beyond over the last couple of years. If you have been listening to his show on Capital FM or have been to the previous „This is Africa“ festivals at the Alchemist you know what‘s up. DJ who knows how to make the crowd move. Here’s a few words from him: „I started DJing rock music exclusively in 2006. The reason was I had been introduced to and liked the music but I couldn't get it anywhere at the moment. By then I was a student at Makerere University in Uganda. That's why I decided to play Rock/Metal exclusively. I decided that other people should experience how it makes me feel. For me it is an escape to a magical place which I don't know where it is, but I know how I feel when I'm there. It's an honour to be part of this great platform bringing talented individuals for a great show! Metal especially is really misunderstood in Kenya. Hope we demestify the perceptions people have and show how powerful music is..after all music is universal“

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