Saturday, November 4, 2017

Hail to England, Hail to GRIMGOTTS: the new album is arrived

The sword-wielding, shield-making power metal dragons of the northern snowlands known as Grimgotts have now set the firebreathing upon the universe with the debut full-length album called Lions of the Sea. Grimgotts plays power metal because denim, dragons and leather brought them together. Come, power metal loyalists, and listen to this savage poetry. Go the first link and welcome to the freak show.
OFFICIAL: Grimgotts is a London-based power metal band in the vein of Power Quest, Edguy and Twilight Force. The band formed in 2015 and so far has released 3 EPs of original material, one cover single and this month will be releasing the debut album, "Lions of the Sea". The first single off of movie debut album, "Calm Before the Storm" has just been released.
You can hear and download all of Grimgotts' music on our bandcamp page for free. We have decided to keep all of our music as "name your price" so far in order to encourage as many people as possible to listen!
We also have music out on iTunes and plan to release the new album digitally.
In 2016, Stormspell records produced 500 copies on CD of our first two EPs combined, "Here be Dragonlords" and "Extenditus Playus". These can be purchased online.
The philosophy of this band is to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously, as you might be able to tell with EP titles like "Part man, part beast, part dragon". Our music is synth/ keyboardy power metal with shredding guitars and a vocalist who isn't afraid to hold back!
Look out for our new album "Lions of the Sea" which will be released this month.

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