Wednesday, October 11, 2017

the traditional heavy metal of Blazing Rust from Saint Petersburg, Russia

In the Russian city of Saint Petersburg there are many interesting to experience. For instance, you can see the famous Church of the Savior on Blood or maybe you want to see the infamous Peter and Paul Fortress, and so many other things. All very interesting. Do you know what else is interesting? Traditional heavy metal coming from this very city in the form of Blazing Rust. Don't cut your hair! Bang your head! Put on your leather jacket and your bullet belt and get down with the denim-and-leather glory of heavy metal that goes by the name of Blazing Rust. If you can't get enough guitar solos and traditional heavy metal is your middle name, then make sure to go to the first link and find out more about time-defying Russians and their quest to bring their steel to the world. There are songs and other information there, including a video from the band's 2017 album called Armed to Exist.
OFFICIAL: BLAZING RUST is a heavy metal band from St. Petersburg (RUSSIA) which sound and music direction are soaked with spirit of 80s - classic unpolished metal at its best! The band was formed in November 2014 and consists of former and current members of well-known Russian metal acts, such as Pyre, Drama, Ulvdalir, Internal Damage, Grenouer. Having their own tinge and vision without limiting themselves to the rigid frameworks, Blazing Rust pay homage to real heavy metal gods such as DIO, JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH, DIAMOND HEAD etc.
In May of 2015 BLAZING RUST released a debut cassette demo tape that was sold out among the loyal headbangers fairly quickly. 2015 also saw the band playing several shows in Saint Petersburg and other cities of Russia. In march, 2016 the band took part in “The Ultimate Revenge of Heavy Metal Festival” held in Helsinki, Finland, sharing the stage with such legends of old school metal as WITCH CROSS, SAVAGE, OZ, SCANNER etc. From March to October 2016 the band has been working on recording and mixing of full-length album named "Armed To Exist" which consists of 9 tracks and totally continues the way of authentic heavy metal sound which Blazing Rust has started from.
Check out what the Metal Temple scribes have observed about Blazing Rust: It is virtually about the execution and how the band’s spawned material arrangements made this old school experience to become one of the profound outcomes out of a newcomer Heavy Metal. The main reasons are that BLAZING RUST never did really innovate anything, like most bands of the age, they followed their gods, embracing their heritage and coming with their vein of music. Nonetheless, the Russians fashioned the mixture of 70’s Hard Rock / catchy Heavy Metal and even a few salutations to Blues Rock, to end up as inspiring and motivating for further listening sessions. “Armed To Exist” pumped up the classic riffery, a sort of a polished version of RAINBOW meets JUDAS PRIEST, DEEP PURPLE meets DIO and BLACK SABBATH meets NWOBHM, whether through the twin guitaring through the soloing, diverse vintage beats to the immensely strong vocal line that takes charge of the cavalry force. Nothing over the top regarding technical merits, yet not as fundamentally basic as it would seem, Armed To Exist is a delivery of soulful passion.

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