Thursday, October 12, 2017

keep on riding Pale Mare

The Canadian sludge stoner cowboys Pale Mare are about to open the barn and go to the prairie of doom. This publication cannot locate a page for the band yet, but below is a link to the label that will be running with these broncos from Toronto. The preparations for the rodeo are underway. Pale Mare is the name and sludge stoner is the game.
Pale Mare
Pale Mare
Medusa Crush Recordings
Release: 10 November 2017
OFFICIAL: Medusa Crush Recordings is pleased to reveal that they will release the self-titled EP by Toronto sludge band PALE MARE on November 10th 2017. The EP will be available on limited edition cassette. Pre-orders will be made available in the next few weeks.
About Pale Mare:
Pale Mare is a Toronto-based heavy metal band born out of the common desire to play music that is loud, aggressive and full of thick groovy riffs. Formed in the summer of 2015 by Eytan Gordon (guitar, vocals), Tommy Gervais (bass, vocals) and Luke Roberts (drums), the band put their backs to the grindstone in order to forge the sounds which are heard on this, their self-titled debut EP.
After a successful local debut and the release of their single debut ”Descolada”, they have been fortunate at this point to open for many hot touring acts and supplied local show support for artists such as Windhand, Weedeater, Set and Setting and Pertubator. Their sound has been likened by some in the same sonic territory as say early Baroness, High On Fire, Mastodon and Black Tusk; full of fire, attitude, brimstone, tone and soul - all vital ingredients for quality metal.
Through relentlessly crushing live performances, they have attracted a loyal fan base locally by showcasing the bands ability to play with high emotion and skillful execution. With the release of their EP set for November 10th, and material for a full length already in the works, Pale Mare are finally ready to give the world a taste of things to come as they prepare to bring their high-energy live show on the road to the masses that follow.

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