Wednesday, October 4, 2017

free grind recording Twelve Inch Clitoris

Twelve Inch Clitoris is a mysterious entity from, possibly, planet Earth, but that's not for sure. We guarantee that with Twelve Inch Clitoris three of your yearnings will be satisfied. First, if you are looking for songs with outrageously inappropriate names then you have just found the correct music, or "music." Second, the music will be short and to the point, like some sort of quick activity that cannot last for the duration of the determination. Speaking of achievements, Twelve Inch Clitoris decided that money is no object and the recording is free and you can name your price. What is your price? Really, that's perfect, that's what Twelve Inch Clitoris wants from you. Fourth, they post ridiculously offensive comments on Facebook and that's why their fanbase is growing in every way: aim for the sky and set your ambitions to 11, no, to 12 because anything in the realm of goregrind (and its many names which will not be named here) is in the general vicinity of Twelve Inch Clitoris.
This is Twelve Inch Clitoris. They are going to be famous. Listen at the first link. Go get offended at the second link.

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