Wednesday, October 11, 2017

extreme metal from Iran/Germany: Zurvan

Zurvan is based in Germany, but they claim that they began in Iran years ago. Unfortunately, this publication cannot provide much more information about the "Persian nihilistic black metal" of Zurvan, but the complete album is available for listening.
Gorge of Blood
release date: June 28th, 2017
label: Satanath Records
OFFICIAL: Zurvan released third album "Gorge of Blood" after 3 years of silence. This album includes 13 bloody and wild tracks. Dark and poisoned guitars with hammer and vain power chords, horrific and wild riffs, which changed any second and are full of violence, grief and hate. Solos, which screaming any seconds and don’t have any calm and quietness and at the same time are in persian and oriental mood, that their ode to sad takes the soul out of the body. Drums pounding and furious rhythms are like constant fire and explosion in deadly ups and downs, that make maniac space with guitars and bass, and at the same time changing the rythm every second. Bass guitar are being melodic and sometimes fast and rough and sometimes make a tragic and sad situation. Nervous and aggresive vocal, who screaming persian lyrics and sometimes sinks in sorrow, that drags blade on your vessels. Lyrics, which are full of darkness, absurdity, death, blasphemy, revolt and rebellion and slaughters the religion. For fans of: The True Mayhem, Urgehal, Merrimack, Tsjuder, Svarttjern (Official), Valkyrija, Unlight, Marduk Official, Dark Fortress (Official), Lifelover, KRYPT.
1. Gorge of Blood 04:16
2. Convulsion 04:27
3. Kiss of Death 04:51
4. Isolation of Sense 04:51
5. Self-Mutilation 05:07
6. Kafir 04:58
7. Zurvancide 05:03
8. Aggression 05:46
9. Hallucination 05:09
10. Swamp 07:22
11. Filthy Calendar of the Time 05:15
12. Freezing 04:42
13. Massacre 05:05
total time 01:06:52
OFFICIAL: Satanath Records has a knack of discovering great bands from even the most unexpected countries for metal in the world. This time around, they've unearthed a band from Iran, playing a form of black/death metal that leans towards the Scandinavian template but add their own flavour to the mix. ZURVAN have created a sublime blend of semi-melodic, DISSECTION-meets-BOLZER kind of sound which it infuses with riffing that is distinctly Eastern-sounding. They're on their way to forming their own identifiable sound but even as of now, their music is a breath of fresh air and holds immense promise, especially for a band from a place like Iran. Like AZOOMA, they're likely to leave a mark in the genre.

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