Tuesday, September 19, 2017

symphonic-progressive extreme metal from North Carolina, U.S.: Rapheumets Well

The futuristic extreme metal band Rapheumets Well has been recognized for its complexity in musical ideas and overwhelming sound that is their specialty. People into really ambitious extreme metal have plenty to sink their teeth into with the band's 2017 album called Enders Door. Look into this band if you are a diehard into the most imaginative sounds of extreme metal, the type of albums that require several listens to process because this American act surely has spent time designing something that will need your full attention.
OFFICIAL: Blending a sound that is a complex mix of classical orchestrations, cosmic synths, and extreme metal to portray the epics of parallel worlds, Hickory, N.C. based Rapheumets Well (Ra-few-mets) bring forth a voyage enriched with lore, fabricated from scratch to show the depth in which represents them as artists. Inspired by the fictitious universe of Sovael, Rapheumets Well is the name coined to the conscious deity who oversees the anastomosis of the multiverse, the master of portals and inter-dimensional travel. Being personified as a trickster, Rapheumet often creates chaos for unsuspecting voyagers. The word “Well” refers to the gravity wells, which like black holes, are catalyst of change and gateways between the cosmic plains.
“We created this name in hopes of personifying a living gateway between dimensions. We love science fiction and a few of us have extended education and degrees in science.” says drummer Joshua Ward. Formed in 2008, 2011 and 2012 saw their first two demos followed by their first self release full length ‘Dimensions’ unleashed in 2014 that progressively told a larger story portrayed in a complex saga of Atai (ancient architects) who aid in the propagation of sentient life throughout the multi-verse. In 2016, they released their highly praised sophomore album ‘The Exile’ via Test Your Metal Records.
From the birth of organic matter to great wars that tear the fabric of space/time, the story of Rapheumets Well’s music serves to immerse you into a world of oddities, which is now continued in the band’s third release ‘Enders Door’ due out on May 26th via Test Your Metal Records. The synopsis of this album is in the fifth era of the Avomenian Empire, amidst the planetary ruins of Vaath, a rogue traveler would discover an artifact that would forever change his place in the cosmos. Upon arriving to retrieve the artifact, it became apparent that Eryos’s brother Nathyiem would never make it to their arranged meeting point. In departing from the planet Vaath, Eryos received a distress signal from his brothers ship, coming from an uncharted planet. Upon arriving, he found a odd world inhabited by a mysterious species called the Dreth led by lecherous matriarch named Eishar. It is here that he would uncover a faced-door, an inter-dimensional gateway to the Ender. Live the band’s concert theatrics is a show truly to entertain the crowd with an opus of metal while still satisfying their story lines in their music creating an intimate but relatable ambiance for fans, especially those who enjoy bands such as Dimmu Borgir, Fleshgod Apocalypse, The Faceless, Emperor, Black Crown Initiate.

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