Thursday, September 28, 2017

Swedish extreme metal Dracena new album coming up

Dracena has now announced the new album and they have posted a bit of the new music for people to hear. Check it out at the link below.
OFFICIAL: There will be blood, there will be pain… there will be darkness and death…
We are excited to announce our 3rd album, Cursed To The Night, which will soon be released by Infernö Records as a CD and a limited edition MC. Cursed To The Night features special guest appearancens by Fredrik Folkare from Unleashed/Firespawn on lead solos and melodies and Ola Malmström from Sorcery on additional vocals on one of the songs.
The 8 new tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered by Pontus “Punchy” Ekwall at Studio Cave 2016/2017.
All drums and Ola Malmström’s vocals was recorded by Jocke at MediEvil Studios 2016/2017.
Lead solos and melodies was recorded and played by Fredrik Folkare at Chrome Studios 2017.
We’ve once again asked Mariusz Gandzel to work with us and he created the amazing cover artwork and creature “The Draque” for this album. All photos for the album and promotion was shot at Savage Photography, photos by Tallee Savage, make up by Adina Savage and photo graphic effects by Mattias Savage.

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