Saturday, September 9, 2017

review: Ex Dementia

[review by MMB]
Ex Dementia is extreme metal from the state of New Jersey, U.S. The sound is an intersection between thrash, death metal and punk, but when you hear the music what you will notice is the expert way of writing a song that you can understand immediately, regardless of whether you decide this is more along the lines of thrash or old-school death metal. They know what they are doing, they know their rock and roll. The thick guitar sound at times sounds like 100% death metal, but the speedy riffing will make you think thrash and that's the way the band wants it: a sound for banging your head, not for intellectual debate. The vocals are done in a growling style, mostly lower tones, but some higher screams show up at certain moments. While the riffs are fun and heavy, the guitar solos go for shredding and it is there that you will find the most melody. In specific spots you will hear gang-shouted vocals and that will make you think that they like their punk rock, too. Maybe you are correct because they do a Misfits cover. They speed up the music, and in the process they give it the Ex Dementia treatment, but with the growling, take out the melodic/singing of the original. Overall, the melody in the songs will come from the guitar soloing, and not from the vocals. The result: these songs should work very well in the live environment. In fact, I would think that they sound very attractive in a live setting and should get the blood pumping and the moshers going as soon as they hear the band. This is most definitely mosh music. Listen to the complete recording at the first link below.
Ex Dementia
Crack the Coffin
release date: May 30th, 2017
1.Trials And Exhumations 02:36
2.Crack the Coffin 02:08
3.The Dripping Skull 02:31
4.Hobb's End 03:32
5.Dragged Down the Hole 02:00
6.Slaughter! 03:04
7.Sloven Blood Collection 03:33
8.Splattervision: Channel 3 02:52
9.Skulls (The Misfits cover) 02:04
total time 24:20
Biography: In a small town in New Jersey, a brain-penetrating sound has littered the air. It has already killed hundreds, and infected thousands! It's sonic-toxin drives you insane and forces you to kill! How many more will it kill?! Can it be stopped?! And how long will this go on?! We don't know. The only thing we do know is, what's causing it... Ex Dementia!
An Excursion of Noise and Terror demo 2006
Thou Shall Repulse full-length 2007
In the Chapters of Horror EP 2008
The Red Mass full-length 2009
Crack the Coffin full-length 2017

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