Thursday, September 28, 2017

Northwest Metal Fest (U.S.) scheduled for March, 2018

OFFICIAL: Originally founded by concert promoter, Lipstick bassist and local scenester Brett Miller, he launched the first Metalfest on September 19, 1981 at Lake Hills Roller Rink/Crossroads. This landmark concert featured TKO, The Mob (featuring members of Queensryche), Babylon (featuring Geoff Tate on vocals and singing for both bands that historic night), Perennial, Open Fire, Myth, Rampage and Little Wing. The second Metalfest was held on August 29, 1982 and again TKO were the headliners - along with the first NW appearance of Portland's Wild Dogs, Culprit, Overlord, Realms, Myth (with Geoff Tate on vocals) and Kidskin.
By 1984, DJ and future Rocket writer Jeff Gilbert had taken the mantle from Brett Miller and launched his Ground Zero Record label with the now legendary compilation album and borrowed the NW Metalfest name (with Brett's permission). A subsequent release party concert was held at the Moore Theater on May 12, 1984 featuring all of the bands on the record including: Miller's own Lipstick, Overlord, Open Fire, Koda Khan, Mace, Bondage Boys, Strike, SATO (featuring a young Mike Starr) and the mighty Metal Church (in their 1st Seattle concert). All these shows, as well as the Headbanger's Balls that were held at Lake Hills and The Moore, were a great success.
Now all of these years later NW Metalfest returns! James R. Beach and Brian Naron of the retro record label NW Metalworx Music (also soon to include a history book on the NW metal scenes) have joined forces with local musicians and concert promoters/bookers Amy Lee Carlson and Max Nazaryan (also of the band Substratum) and local scenester Michael Podrybau (also of the 80s bands Glacier and Harlot) to bring you an Annual 2-day extravganza. We're calling it NW Metalfest in the spirit of those classic concerts back in the day with Brett Miller's blessing. We hope to bring back the vibe of those exciting shows and give some attention to both the great older and newer bands in the local areas.
Co-Presented by NW Metalworx Music and KISW Metal Shop, the NW Metalfest will feature over a dozen bands on two stages during two nights - March 9th 7 10th, 2018 - at El Corazon/Funouse in Seattle, Washington. A blend of reunited original '80s bands, musicians who played the early Metalfests and Headbanger's Balls at Lake Hills, Moore Theater, etc. and newer metal bands. Music, merchandise, history, awards and more. Come down and celebrate the rich Northwest history of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music!

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