Friday, September 15, 2017

NEWS: Buried above Ground

Buried above Ground is a deathcore band from the United States. They have an EP out and also some videos. Find out more about the band below.
Buried above Ground
Birth EP
Seek and Strike
Release: 5 September 2017
DJ Gunnarson (guitars, vocals) states: “This time around the video's concept was less about a concept or story at all, and more about what emotions certain visuals could stir up. We wanted to have a lot of dark imagery that correlated visually with those emotions. Instead of the standard single linear story-line mixed with random band performance shots, we really wanted to create a visual onslaught of different dark and visceral images that created unease and fear in the viewer.
"We felt that the video should be as visually unrelenting, as the song and lyrics are musically. This video is our defining statement to the masses showing what this band is truly all about, as well as how our music should be experienced. It’s also by far the most rewarding video we have ever worked on."
BURIED ABOVE GROUND is an American death metal band from Minneapolis, MN. Thanks in part to their unrelenting musical style and energetic live performances, they have built themselves a healthy underground following. Already sharing the stage with bands such as Behemoth, Ministry, After The Burial, and more, the band has proven they have what it takes.
Band Members:
Eric McMahon - Vocals
DJ Gunnarson - Guitars / Vocals
Coz - Bass / Programming
Sam "Digg" Flach - Drums
Buried Above Ground - Serpent (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) *Directors Cut
Buried Above Ground - I Am God (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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