Saturday, September 2, 2017

free death metal: Torment

[by MMB]
Demo 2016
release date: July 25th, 2016
1.Intro 02:31 instrumental
2.Cast into the Void 05:01
3.Drained to a Husk 03:31
total time 11:03
There are many bands in the world named Torment, but this one is the American raw and brutal death metal demo by the Kentuckian band. Torment is not your usual brutal death metal band, though. This recording is as far away as possible from the perfectionist clinical clean sounds. This stuff is so raw, chaotic and heavy that the main question is really whether necro brutal death metal is your cup of tea or not. The blasting speed sounds great, and the slow segments add extra mass. The vocals are low and gruff. This does sound like a demo, in the best way for filthy death metal.

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