Saturday, August 19, 2017

review: Wintersun

The Forest Seasons
release date: July 21st, 2017
label: Nuclear Blast
Wintersun receives, on one hand, glowing reviews all over the place and the words genius and masterpiece seem to be used often and the hype machine never rests and it has worked for the band. On the other hand, Wintersun also receives lots of money, apparently substantially more than half a million dollars, in its crowdfunding campaigns. The band has convinced the fans that they need to give money in order to hear more masterpieces of computerized symphonic happy metal in the future. The powerful television evangelists convince people to bankroll their lifestyles and maybe that's what happening with Wintersun. From the looks of it, the fans want to give their money in bucketloads to the band and the band, being the sensitive, caring depressive Finns that they are, reluctantly accept the money, and go crying all the way to bank. Oh, what to do with all that fan money. Buy a new house? Maybe buy that vacation house in Hawaii? Maybe send the kids to Harvard? Hey, that's the dilemma that a symphonic computer metal band faces. Oh, also, once every 12 years or so, the band might release an album. They tell the metal press that they have been sweating and working hard at this new music. All the money is necessary for all that computer software, you know.
"Welcome to the church of Wintersun
We'll have a service and wonderful recital
But before we go on, there's something I must mention
An important message I must bring to your attention
I was in meditation and prayer last night
I was awakened by a shining bright light
Over head, a glorious spirit
He gave me a message and you all need to hear it
'Send me your money', that's what he said
He said to 'Send me your money'
Now if you can only send a dollar or two
There ain't a hell of a lot I can do for you
But, if you want to see a new album some day
Make a check out for five hundred today.
'Send me your money', do you hear what I'm saying?"
review by MMB

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