Friday, August 25, 2017

review: Iron Curtain

[review by MMB]
Iron Curtain
Guilty as Charged
release date: October 14th, 2016
label: Pure Steel Records
Iron Curtain is traditional street heavy metal. Dirty, loud and sweaty, it's the way of Iron Curtain, a descendant of Motorhead, Tank and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. The vocals are rough-and-ready-to-rumble in the Lemminized delivery. These Spaniards love the album Ace of Spades and Filth Hounds of Hades and they want you to know that heavy metal is supposed to sound real, hot and full of rock and roll. They borrow from their sources and they do it convincingly.
They do no ballads. They have no keyboards. They use no accordions, no piano and no tubas. Mustaches, beards, bad boys, rowdy tattooed girls, long hair, beer, motorcycles, bar fights, denim, leather, cigarettes, whiskey, poker, billiards and getting arrested for disturbing the peace are things that go along with Iron Curtain. Their motto is simple: "We are Iron Curtain and we play rock and roll." They do not do any nonsense like a message for you to be a better person or whatever. They are not role models. Their job is not to teach you morals. Your parents were supposed to teach you that and if they didn't, and they didn't, then it's too late now. You're going to spend the night in jail.
This is Iron Curtain. They play heavy metal. They want to come to your town and make some noise. Blood, guts and beer. Everything louder than everything else. Welcome to Spain.

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