Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Hyper Fury

Hyper Fury is progressive metal from Memphis, Tennessee, U.S. This year they an EP called Diamonds. They are a new band to this publication. Find out more about them below.
OFFICIAL: Hyper Fury was started in February of 2014 by Christopher Thornton, Chris McCoy, and Andrew Smothers. The band began on the concept of forming a faster progressive sound. The goal, to stray away from the common hard rock three chord theme of many area bands. The trio knew they would need a great singer to back this sound. After a short search, the band settled on the idea of a female voice. Their first initial attempt fell flat, and after about a year the band decided to part ways with their first vocalist. After a short search the band found the amazing voice of their current singer Amber King in May of 2015.
Chris McCoy and Amber had known each other for quite sometime, running into each other several times in different areas in the Memphis music scene. Amber was contacted and was immediately on board. In fact with in a few short months the band was once again playing live shows, and recorded a new song "Manipulation" for their fans, flaunting their new vocalist. Shortly after the band began gaining in popularity, and experienced their songs being played on local radio shows such as Rock 103's "Locals only", and The Cock and Crow Show, a facebook live radio show, and more.
Overtime the bands sound has evolved, and although still technical and fast, has developed more into being just a straight metal band rather than a progressive band. However progressive elements are always at the root of their music. The band has many fans, and quite a few worldwide, many in Canada and the UK. In a few short years they have overcome many obstacles, and have set themselves up to conquer even more. Check out their website for the latest in the bands adventures.
The band’s sound: Hyper fury produces a tight, fast, more technical sound, with melodies, grooves, soaring leads, and tight destructive low end by the bass guitar. Many elements come together to form this band's sound. Components of the sound include, but are not limited to, Thrash Metal, Hard Rock, Progressive Rock and Metal, Soul, Jazz and Blues. Each element is formed into songs that are relevant to the average ear, but traditionally true to the most hard core of metal listeners. Each song is worked to get the best impact for modern listeners, and technical Musicians alike. A tight rhythm by the drums ,and a vocalist with a beautiful sometimes soulful voice top off the energy that is Hyper Fury, a truly unique gem of a band.

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