Monday, June 19, 2017

Zafakon (Puerto Rico) returns to Everett, Washington

Zafakon returns to Everett, Washington state on the 27th of June at Tony V's. In 2015/2016 this band from Puerto Rico, along with fellow Puerto Rican thrashers Calamity, toured the United States, including the state of Washington. They played in Everett on January 2nd, 2016. Zafakon is a thrash/groove band with growling and on the night of January 2nd they put on a good show appreciated by the headbangers present (they played a different venue in Everett, not Tony V's). They had been traveling a lot throughout the United States, and once they were on stage, the energy kicked in and they performed in a professional way. In a live setting, Zafakon is a headbanging, thrashing band and they have a serious work ethic on the stage. They have some chugging parts, some thrashing riffs, but they also have melodies and memorable parts that work well for the songs. Listen to their music at the first link below.
OFFICIAL: We will be playing this summer around the United States mainland. Prepare yourselves for an explosive show that will cover material from both of our albums "War As A Drug" and "Release".
We will share some dates with California's Anger As Art and Puerto Rico's Damaged.
Dates listed below:
6/10 - Club 77, Rio Piedras PR
6/22 - The Merrow, San Diego CA*
6/23 - Shamrock Chino Hills, Chino Hills CA*
6/24 - Toot's Tavern, Crockett CA*
6/26 - Twilight Bar and Cafe, Portland OR
6/27 - Tony V's Garage, Everett WA: Zafakon, Thou Shall Kill, Method13
6/30 - Streets of London Pub, Denver CO
7/01 - The Riot Room, Kansas City MO
7/02 - The Wisco, Madison WI
7/05 - Slash Run , Washington DC**
7/06 - The Fire, Philadelphia PA**
* with Anger As Art
** with Damaged
Fall EP 2011
War as a Drug full-length 2013
Release full-length 2015
Zafakon / Deus Inc. split 2016

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