Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Sarcasm is a quality band playing extreme metal focused on songs that you can remember. The band has a complicated history dating back to their 1990s demos. Having overcome a very long period of inactivity, the current incarnation concentrates on tunes based on traditional extreme metal, while also adding a bit of melody through the guitar. While you may see the term "melodic extreme metal" associated with the band, as you will notice by listening to the complete album at the Bandcamp link below, the sound of the band as displayed on the album is based on the tradition of, say, classic Dissection, amongst others. As a result, the bigger conclusion to draw here is that quality is important, tradition is key, and musical skill is a requirement.
Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds
release date: April 28th, 2017
label: Dark Descent Records
SARCASM (Swe) Scars of a Land Forgotten (Official music video 2017)
SARCASM (Swe) - In the Grip of Awakening Times - Lyric video 2017
For your information, below are excerpts of some reviews of Sarcasm's new work.
The Metal Gamer has written about the new album: "This stormy past has probably influenced the band a lot in creating music. Raging speed and hard as a rock death metal, that’s the first thing that comes to my mind when listening to Sarcasm’s opener Bloodsoaked Sunrise from their latest album Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds. Sarcasm delivers a great mix of melodic death, your classic Swedish old school death and even some black metal elements in there. It’s like At the Gates, Dissection and Necrophobic joined forces. Some of the best from the Swedish metal scene that is. There is a track here for fans of any these bands as the songs do differ a bit in sound and that’s also what makes this a great album. There is variety and a sweet old school feeling to Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds that a metalhead who loves this sound will find right at home with."
Teeth of the Divined opined thusly about the new work: "Closing with “The Drowning Light at the Edge of the Dawn” is back to the more up-tempo thrashy feel that a majority of this album has. Overall, Sarcasm is a unique throwback to a sound that they never really lost. This is a solid release start to finish and in a catalog that continues to seemingly grow by the second Sarcasm are not a group to forget about on the Dark Descent roster. Highly recommended!"
Voices from the Darkside has observed about the new title: "Sometimes very old school Death Metal and close to Black Metal, sometimes very melodic like IN FLAMES on “The Jester Race” but never poppy or wimpy. Songs like ‘From The Crimson Fog They Emerged’ or ‘Scars Of A Land Forgotten’ have really the potential to become memorable classics and keep me positive that this genre with new outputs of SARCASM, ABLAZE MY SORROW and THIS ENDING stays alive. I hope the bad circumstances will not stop the band to continue writing and releasing another album in future."

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