Friday, June 16, 2017

Santa Muerte

Santa Muerte is a crossover band from São Paulo, Brazil. They are proud to play the style of crossover music associated with bands like Suicidal Tendencies (notice how Santa Muerte spells their song "Cyco Pit"), DRI, The Exploited and all those 80s groups mixing punk and metal and songs that go fast and faster. Santa Muerte slows down exactly 0% of the time because there are no flowers to be smelled here, only songs that will not stop for anything. Like their influences, the band prefers shouted street vocals and there are no attempts to have singing or melodic vocals, it's all just energetic shouting and screaming about the things that make the São Paulo trio tick. This is their first EP and it is "free/name your price" on Bandcamp. Crossover fans of the 80s or fans of today’s crossover will be the main target audience for these Brazilians.
Santa Muerte
release date: May 26, 2017
label: independent
1.Intro / Circulo de Sangre 02:50
2.The Glory 03:16
3.Cyco Pit 01:48
4.Scars of Guilty 02:33
5.Reactions 02:03
6.Trap on Track 02:06
total time 14:36

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