Thursday, June 15, 2017

NEWS: AlNamrood

by MMB
Supporters of black metal music, as well as fans of pagan and folk extreme metal, will want to take note of AlNamrood. In particular, the Saudi Arabians have returned with another work to celebrate heavy metal music the way this underground band knows how: maniacal tunes focused on the pagan thinking for their interpretation of black metal in their part of the world. You've got to hear this band for yourself to understand how mad or genius these musicians must be. The new album is called Enkar and they continue building upon their catchy form of Middle Eastern melodies embedded within an extreme metal poetics. At times it sounds like deranged babbling and at other times it sounds like belly dance music, or both, really, it's something you'll have to judge for yourself. Personally, I think it is awesome, great stuff. Fortunately, you can hear the complete new work at the first link below.
release date: May 16th, 2017
label: Shaytan Productions
OFFICIAL: The private citizens life has become public while the public officials lives have become private. The watchful eye of control, suppression and manipulation face rebellion and fuel anti-establishment. The Saudis return with their 6th album of angry protest. Adopting punk influence into their first wave style of black metal the sound is distinctly Arabian complete with oriental instrumentation.
Metal Observes says about the new album: "Much of the lush middle-eastern instrumentation is pushed to the background in favor of the riffs on this album. AlNamrood make it work to their advantage though because when it is used, it adds tremendous depth and variety to the songs. This is especially effective on the instrumental “Egwaa” as well as “Ezdraa,” which really exemplifies AlNamrood’s new approach and why it works quite well for them. The closing track, “Entiqam,” might actually be the best track on the album as it contains great riffs, a bouncing melody, and plenty of folk instrumentation. It actually sounds like a classic AlNamrood track but with heavier riffs and crisper drumming, which is a good thing in this case."
Ave Noctum has remarked about the new title: "Put very simply, this album feels inspired and motivated. Apart from the honesty of its’ contents, the artwork is a significant feature. A singular figure with an “A” on his back awaiting his fate as fellow incarcerated men oversee the extremity of their circumstance and underpin the reality within which a band like this must create. I have to admit to being a newcomer to AlNamrood. Fans of metal, irrespective of genre should listen to this for its importance as a document of defiance, art and self-expression."
DISCOGRAPHY, according to Metal Archives
أتباع النمرود EP 2008
Narcotized split 2008
استفحل الثأر full-length 2009
Estorat Taghoot full-length 2010
Kitab Al Awthan full-length 2012
Jaish AlNamrood EP 2013
حين يظهر الغسق full-length 2014
Ana Al Tughian single 2015
Beat the Bastards single 2015
Diaji Al Joor full-length 2015
Akyr Zaman / Tajer Al Punqia split 2016
Bleached Bones single 2016
Enkar full-length 2017

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