Monday, June 19, 2017


by MMB
The new album by the Colombian band Lucifera is black thrash practiced at a high level of quality and experience. The fateful alliance of longtime vocalist Blasfemia and composer HellRazor is turning out to be a great combination of skill and understanding of how Lucifera music should be. Fortunately, the album shows that they are able to make their vision come to life. The recording sounds good and professional for the genre of raw black thrash and black metal, and songs that hit the ground running. The memorable riffs, and we're talking about major headbanging riffs here, and the possessed vocals makes for an irresistible work for the audiences that want black thrash, black metal and raw thrash metal. The music has some melodies in places that they have carefully selected, and the drumming, which is also a highlight of the album, goes from thrash speeds to blasting speeds in some segments for maximum headbanging action. The blasphemous lyrics are in the Spanish language interpreted through the voice of the black metal witching spirit, and the music is in the universal language of heavy metal. If this is a style of metal that you live for, then you will find this album a most pleasing experience. Hear the complete work at the first link below.
OFFICIAL: Morbid Skull Records presents the latest release of the black/thrash metal sensation LUCIFERA from Colombia. With a sound firmly rooted in the old school style, they whip up a storm and deliver a dozen extremely potent and acerbic tracks. Alejandra Blasfemia's vocals are veritably hateful and vile, and coupled with the fact that they're delivered in a native language exacerbates things greatly. Given the nature and tone of the primitive music, they go very well with it and sound like fierce incantations belonging to an ancient black art ritual. 'Preludio Del Mal' is scathing yet laden with catchy riffing and exudes a fantastic vibe throughout. LUCIFERA are a revelation indeed and anyone who can appreciate vicious old school black/thrash metal will find a new favourite in this one.
Preludio del mal
release date: February 24th, 2017
label: Morbid Skull Records
1.Esclavos de Dios 06:02
2.Los demonios de Loudun 04:29
3.Tiempos siniestros 04:22
4.Alianzas de acero y metal 05:41
5.Tormentas de sangre 04:10
6.Culto ancestral 04:45
7.A través de la muerte 03:56
8.Preludio del mal 03:33
9.Leyendas mortuorias 04:17
10.El señor de las moscas 04:49
11.Letanías infernales 04:48
12.Blasfemias 11:30
total time 01:02:22
LUCIFERA - Preludio del Mal [Full Album 2017]

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