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Azooma is progressive extreme metal from Iran. The vocals are mostly growled, although there is a bit of melodic vocals here and there, but at this point, by far, they concentrate on the progressive and heavy aspects of their music. Azooma sounds very much like progressive extreme metal for today and for the audiences that can appreciate musicians making an effort to walk the line between songs that have skills, but not so much so that it is exclusively music for musicians. In selected places, they choose to add a bit of melody so that the listeners can find a bit of comfort or something to remember. Naturally, this work does require repeated listens because, any way you slice it, it's still very much the progressive interpreted through the lens of extreme metal, enhanced with elements of the technical to boot. Do you enjoy progressive music in the form of extreme metal? Why not listen to the band's album today? It's available for listening in its entirety at the first link below.
The Act of Eye
release date: October 10th, 2016
label: Xtreem Music
OFFICIAL: Iranian death metal stalwarts Azooma return with a new album, their debut full length, after shocking everyone with their incredibly well-received EP titled 'A Hymn of the Vicious Monster'. The new album has taken things even further, showcasing superior songwriting and masterful execution. There's a special quality to their semi-technical structuring which remains intriguing even after a few listens. Musically, it's comparable to bands like Opeth (mid-period), Disincarnate, Gorguts, Nile, Ade, Hour of Penance and more, but Azooma strive to develop a sound of their own rather than directly emulating any of their death metal peers. To that extent, they succeed remarkably well. Azooma's death metal doesn't abandon the roots and yet does something progressive and adds its own flavour to it.
The Act of Eye
1.Act 1: Plague of Predator
2.Act 2: Umbra of Mirth
3.Act 3: The Ocular Dominance
4.Act 4: Erosion of Shadows
5.Act 5: Non-Entity of Visions
6.Act 6: Flare of Flames
7.Act 7: Objectivity of Oblivion
8.Act 8: The Eyes - A Tale of Sight and Shadows
Azooma is:
Shahin Vaqfipour - vocals
Ahmad Tokallou - guitar
Farid Shariat - bass
Saeed Shariat - drums
Biography: In May 2004, Iranian guitarist Ahmad Tokallou and bassist Farid Shariat decided to form a band with their interest in the Rock and Metal genres but in a new way, which was influenced by their own familiar Persian culture. Farid's brother, Saeed Shariat - drummer, joined them in July 2004, and completed the band, entitled AZOOMA.
The band began practicing, covering songs from bands such as Death, Iced Earth, Iron Maiden, Metallica and Kreator, while developing their own sound. Soon after, they began to compose original songs which sent them to the underground metal scene of Mashhad, The Holy City. In 2005, AZOOMA played their first show in their home town and then they decided to focus more on the Progressive and Death Metal genres. This led them to invite vocalist and lyricist Shahin Vaqfipour to the band. They created their first demo in 2006 and worked on discovering their own style. In 2009, Ahmad and Saeed joined another Iranian death metal band temporarily because Farid and Shahin had to serve in the Army. They played several shows and festivals in countries such as India, U.A.E, Nepal and Armenia. After the other two members finished serving the army, They left and built their own rehearsal room for AZOOMA. The band played as co-headliner act at the Persian Metal Fest 2013 and shared a stage with great bands such as GOROD.
AZOOMA spend most of 2012 and 2013 writing and recording new material for the band's debut EP, "A Hymn Of The Vicious Monster", which sounds heavy, brutal and fast. They mixed old school death metal elements with some Persian ones, which run through their veins, resulting in 6 heavy unbelievable tracks. In 2014, AZOOMA searched to find a suitable record label for releasing this EP. AZOOMA signed a contract with Spanish record label company Xtreem Music which supports true Metal music and bands that are not so much known in Metal scene all over the world. "A Hymn Of The Vicious Monster" was released worldwide on June 15th 2014 through Xtreem Music. AZOOMA worked hard on a masterpiece during 2015 and 2016. Their debut full length album which is called "The Act of Eye" is set to release on 10th of October 2016 via Xtreem Music record label company worldwide too. Which is also be a conceptual album like their previous EP. On this album Dave Rotten of Avulsed collaborated on some parts of vocals in the first song with his brutal and awesome vocals . Mathieu Pascal of Gorod played an amazing solo on track 6 and he also mixed and mastered the whole album too.

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