Tuesday, May 30, 2017

review by Dee: Nornír

The following is a review by Dee of the latest work by Nornír (Germany). Below you can find more about Dee’s metal music and her other writings. At the end of the review you will also find a link to listen to Nornír’s music.
release date: March 3rd, 2017
label: Northern Silence Productions
Germany’s Nornír have a new EP out, and it’s called “Urd.” It’s promising up-and-coming black metal that’s decked with a Scandinavian design. I get the feeling we’ll be hearing more from Nornír in the future. Here are the members: Angrist is on guitar. Søvn plays bass. Drums are handled by Farliath. Front-woman and guitarist, Lethian, gives us viciously powerful vocals.
I invite you to explore the workings of “Urd.” What will become of us after this harsh, brewing storm? Let’s begin:
The EP opens its door with “På den andre siden,” and a blast of intense instrumentation instantly crashes into us. Meet the fiery tremolo picking and the heated, tormented screams. It’s the perfect delivery of disaster, and the woeful melody makes it even more charming. What other presence could be lurking nearby? It’s “Winterthrone.” Stripped and magnetic, this track seems to sweep through and draw onlookers into the pits of an eternal suffering; the guitar-work feels blunt and commanding—traits that make black metal the addictive concoction that it is.
Even though “Above the mountains” begins with a sallow vibe, the rest of the song stirs up a hurricane of drums and thorny guitars. We’re given a farewell through “På denne siden,” where heightened melodies give voice to revelations of humanity’s mysteries.
“Urd” seems to have reached through ages to bring these zesty four numbers forth. Frosty riffs, rabid percussion and raw vocals are what have made the EP so attractive. Walk “Urd”‘s charred valleys and look to its ominous skies, and be renewed.
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