Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Nox Coven

Nox Coven calls for witching black metal from Chile invoking the primal times of dark divination through the praxis of the notes of the crafts of ancient illumination and incantations of the beyond. What is there before and after Nox Coven and what is there once again? What is the invocation at hand and whence does it project, emptiness or here? All is not to be revealed for the mass clarification, for the Nox Coven is there of the black metal initiates and devoted to this once again alive metal of the witching anti-eternity. In 2017 they have a new EP called De las sombras misterios ocultos, which translated could mean from the shadows occult mysteries or a similar spirit of the words, depending on the Spanish original meanings. On the Bandcamp there is an older live recording from 2016 and it is called Live at Bubar's and it is a raw manifestation of the necro vituperation channeled in the concert calling of the Nox Coven compact with black metal devotion mass. Another medium to engage more of the Nox Coven contract is YouTube where they have material, too, including live rehearsal performing acts. If you live die alive for black metal, Nox Coven is next on your enumeration of obtainment determined now. Vacillate not!

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