Tuesday, May 30, 2017

NEWS: Striker

Surprisingly, in 2017 the traditional, melodic heavy metal band Striker (Canada) has already released the album that follows up last year's wonderful Stand in the Fire. The new work is self-titled and the Canadians sound as energized and skilled as ever. As publications have observed, Striker represents the best qualities of the young generation of traditional heavy metal bands. The fans love the hooks, the rocking riffs, the great songs and the ear-friendly singing. Below you will find information about the album, along with excerpts of how reviewers have reacted to the new title.
release date: February 24th, 2017
label: Record Breaking Records
Demo 2008
Road Warrior EP 2009
Eyes in the Night 2010
Armed to the Teeth 2012
City of Gold 2014
Stand in the Fire 2016
Striker 2017
Metal Archives: "'Striker' returns with a non-stop arsenal of songs and then it is back to back party time, so much that you can smell the beer, denim and leather emanating from the record as it burns through tracks such as 'Rock the Night', 'Freedom’s Call' and the final track with its fist in the air chorus, 'Curse of the Dead'."
The Headbanging Moose: "In case you’ve never heard of Canadian Heavy/Power Metal act Striker, there couldn’t be a better moment to get to know such distinct band and their classic mix of Heavy Metal, Hard Rock and 80’s Hair Metal ... After listening to this flammable metal album, I’m sure Striker will feature among your favorite bands of the past decade."
Metal Assault: "It only seems like yesterday when Canadian metal group Striker released their fourth full-length album ‘Stand in the Fire’, not only because the release date was less than a year ago, but more so because that album is still on the minds and playlists of those that were wise and fortunate enough to feast their ears upon it ... While ‘Stand in the Fire’ is an extremely dynamic record showcasing great variety and Striker’s full repertoire, the new one seems more focused and straightforward, yet they end up with an almost equally dynamic album anyway, because that’s just what comes naturally to these musicians, and their music shines because they do not curb their natural songwriting instincts. This is probably the most quintessential Striker album till date, and rightly self-titled."
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