Monday, May 8, 2017

NEWS: hear the new album by Eden weint im Grab (Germany)

Long-running avantgarde group Eden weint im Grab (EWIG) (Germany) has returned in 2017 with another masterful work of dark progressive metal that gives you value and quality and invites you to sit back and dive into the adventure a new EWIG album. Na(c)htodreise is some 70 minutes of music and it's sure to require repeated listens to hear everything it has to offer. It's the band's seventh full-length album. EWIG began in 2000 and the music has never been easy to characterize into a genre. Luckily, they have the new album available for listening in its entirety at the first link. The band marches to a beat that is all of its own and it could not be otherwise in 2017. Set aside some time and get to know EWIG.
OFFICIAL: 70 minute concept album. The 15 songs resemble a journey through the beyond and the underworld, just like the „Divine Comedy“ by Italian poet Dante Alighieri. Every track represents a station of an imaginary map of the afterworld. Music and lyrics were composed to convey the different moods in equal measure. The foundation is forceful Dark Metal with catchy hooklines and massive riffing power, which however gains the character of chamber music by the application of violins, violas and cellos. Poetic, eerie and passionate! For fans of RAMMSTEIN, ASP, EISREGEN and THE VISION BLEAK!
1. TraumTod 05:51
2. Bon Voyage (Ein sonderbares Begräbnis) 05:16
3. Die astrale Wildnis 04:23
4. Der Jenseitstroll 04:47
5. Das Höllentor 02:32
6. Limbus 05:44
7. Der Exitus der Schlangen 04:24
8. Kahnfahrt auf dem Acheron 06:00
9. Legionen Luzifers 04:03
10. Die verwaiste Wüstenstadt 05:30
11. In der Toten-Taverne 04:23
12. Aevum 04:20
13. Sternenmenschen 05:58
14. Das große Mysterium 05:40
15. Epilog 01:20
total time 01:10:11

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