Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Namea (U.S.)

Namea is a melodic extreme metal band from the Tacoma/Seattle area, in the state of Washington, according to the information that they have online. Below you will find the relevant information about their first EP from this year. The band has yet to provide much information about itself and they don’t have many pictures, except for one on Metal Archives and that one doesn’t seem accurate if compared to the lineup. They are not very active online yet.
The sound of the band is American melodic extreme metal combined with some metalcore influences, like some of the screams and some breakdowns, but they definitely are not a hardcore band. The melodic riffing and soloing demonstrate clearly that they have chosen the more serious side of music. The guitars in particular show a conscious effort to deliver melodies that the listener can remember.
Some people will not like that the band has chosen to avoid social media until now, but maybe that will change once fans begin to demand more contact with them.
Namea Oracle release date: May 8th, 2017 label: independent
1.Awoken 03:55
2.Vengeance 03:38
3.Retribution 03:23
4.The Latter 04:18
5.Visions 04:25
6.The Quest 05:17
total time 24:56
Jackson Irving-guitars) (2014-present)
Ben Davis-vocals (2014-present)
Michael Huntsman-bass (2015-present)
Emily Salisbury-drums (2017-present)

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