Thursday, April 13, 2017

this Friday in Everett, WA

this Friday in Everett: APR 14
Species Splicer Music Video at Anchor Pub
APR 14
Species Splicer / Groundfeeder / Depths of the Sunset
Species Splicer: "Species Splicer will be filming their set at Anchor Pub for an upcoming music video and wants YOU to be there. We will be sharing the stage with Groundfeeder, Depths of the Sunset, and guests. This is a FREE show and all ages until 11! Lets pack this place and remind everyone why our scene is the BEST!"
Depths of the Sunset: "WHAT'S UP LINGS? Wanna be a part of Species Splicer's up and coming music video? Wanna also see your beloved D.O.T.S. share the stage with these brutes? Wanna also help wish Depths of the Sunset front man Michael a very HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY?! Well look no more, there is going to be a very special, very BRUTAL concert we will be playing at the Anchor Pub in Everett. This is a FREE SHOW!!! It's also on a Friday night!!! Come and have a kick ass time with us!!! And who might even end up on the silver screen... Cheers. Stay heavy."

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