Monday, April 10, 2017

Species Splicer in Everett, WA this Friday

Species Splicer will be recording for a video in Everett, Washington state, this Friday, April 14: “This Friday at Anchor Pub in Everett we will be getting footage of our set for an upcoming music video! This is a FREE SHOW with a stacked line up featuring Groundfeeder and Depths of the Sunset!”
This Washington state band is relatively new, it seems. Metal Archives says that they started in 2016. Their name started popping up in some show announcements in the area, and now they have a recording of slamming, chugging rhythms and low guttural vocals. Right now, at this point, the band is focusing on bringing the heaviness and the brutality without any distractions.
This is a name-your-price recording; and the bands says: “The Ep boasts of slamming riffs accompanied by insanely brutal vocals. Based on a concept of a vile scientist hatching an abominable creature of alien, demon and human scum to reproduce destructive atrocities upon the multiverse.”
Species Splicer
Paradise Through Damnation
release date: March 5th, 2017
label: independent
1.Restive 02:23
2.Reapers Edge 03:44 3.Genetic Mutilation Machine 04:36
4.Parasitical Annihilation 04:13
5.Sacred Damnation 05:48
6.Soul Splitter 04:01
total time 24:45

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