Monday, April 10, 2017

review: Wan

Wan Way to Hell
Carnal Records
release: 10 February 2017
Wan is extreme metal fueled by beer and a tendency to get into fights at the local bar and getting arrested on days that end in the letter y. This band will be the first tell you that they are bastards and they don’t have any friends because of that. Let’s put it this way, they are not going to get any awards for friendship and congeniality any time soon or ever. One time the band got arrested on the day that they had a show and somehow they still managed to be released in time for their concert at a bar. True story.
The key words when dealing with Wan:
Venom. Bathory. Celtic Frost. Beer.
Wan is raw black metal workhorses and now they continue their history with the latest celebration of dirty extreme metal. Wan's all about taking the old Venom and Bathory spirit into the present day. Their previous two albums Wolves of the North (2010) and Enjoy the Filth (2013) indicated that the band was already enjoying life in hell. Wan has in mind a very specific sound: unpolished blasphemy like the early black metal in the 80s.
These Swedes say that they are terrible at promoting themselves because they are too busy getting drunk and picking fights with people at the bar or just getting into a fight with each other about which Bathory album is the best; and don’t even get them started about 90s Bathory and Quorthon trying to sing. Yuck.
They also say that they do not have digital distribution, so I’m not sure how you can get this album. Check out the Carnal Records website and see what you can do there, ladies and gentlemen.
Wan lives by the old Venom code:
“Fight, we will fight right,
Living low in a world of our own,
Destined to live right, fight,
We're taking hell as our home,
Burning lives burning,
Asking me for the mercy of god,
Ancient cries crying,
Acting fast upon the way of the dog,
Welcome to hell,
Welcome to hell,
Welcome to hell,
Welcome to hell.”
Wan Way to Hell track list
1. Known as Dead 02:17
2. King of Evil 02:13
3. Till kamp 03:26
4. Igeltjärn 05:46
5. The Challenger 02:24
6. Wrought 02:45
7. As If 03:07
8. Spitfire Metal 01:08
9. Full sving 02:10
10. Piss on Your Grave 02:59
11. Svarthäll 05:42
12. Inn i ilden 02:48
13. Wan Way to Hell 03:03
total time 39:48

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