Saturday, March 18, 2017

NEWS: Evyltyde official video

Evyltyde (U.K.) is for headbangers into the sounds of traditional modern heavy metal with melodic singing. The band is relatively new and they say that they began in 2013. They have announced their new official video and you can watch it below. The band's self-titled debut was issued in 2015. They have been working on new music since then. Below you will find their biography, which seems to be a bit out of date at this point, but it has relevant information about the band. If you like what you hear, be sure to visit their Facebook account to find out the latest details.
BIO: EVYLTYDE are a female-fronted British metal band based in and around the London area who bring the sound of traditional, classic metal into the modern age with a mix of killer riffs, searing power chords and melodic vocals!!! EVYLTYDE was established in August 2013 by Danny Merton (guitars) and Hannah Delany (vocals) after both were recruited for a project to reform a cult UK metal band from the 80s. However, when that project fell through they were left with nothing but some studio time, so they set about using it productively - recording a number of tracks for independent release. "Fight To Be Free" was the first of these tracks and is a homage of sorts to classic British metal bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. "Fight To Be Free" was released during the traditional Christmas Chart period in 2013 and is currently available for download.
Due to it's lyrical content being inspired by events such as the Arab Spring, Libya and the war in Syria, EVYLTYDE are dedicated to giving all profits from the sales of the single to charity. In late 2013, bassist Paul James (formerly Virus) permanently joined EVYLTYDE to add even greater depth to what was already an extremely powerful core. Within a relatively short amount of time EVYLTYDE have been lucky enough to share the stage with some other great independent UK metal acts including DETHONATOR and SKREAMER. In July 2014, EVYLTYDE released their second single "Killer", the video for which received over 1,000 views on YouTube in it's first few weeks. The band are now working on their third single "Skin Deep", which is due for release late September/early October 2014. EVYLTYDE's second single release "Killer" is available NOW from iTunes.

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